The Integrative Medicine Center of Texas
is a quality medical facility that is far more than just a place to see doctors, receive medication and deal with symptoms. If it is truly patient-centered, it addresses the total mind, body and spirit of all who enter its doors and works to help prevent future illnesses through healthy lifestyle choices. At the Integrative Medicine Center of Texas, Dr. Felipe Garcia, Jr. and a highly trained staff of professionals believe in this vision and combine allopathic and complementary medicine to offer their patients every possible option for ongoing health.


Clinic Mission

The Integrative Medicine Center
offers the promise of living a good life, even though it may not be an easy life, or even a long life. For the past hundred years the goal of health care has been the curing of the body. Restoring the concept of healing to the heart of health care is no small thing. It requires rethinking the assumptions on which medical relationships are based, rethinking the goals of every health care interaction. It will require a revolution.

This is what Integrative Medicine is about.
This field, which hopes to synthesize the best from complementary and conventional approaches, actually goes far beyond these techniques to recognize the potential for wholeness in everyone. Integrative Medicine is a call for all health professionals to commit to strengthening the wholeness in their patients by all means possible.


At the IMC, "tranquility" is key
and is the basis in helping patients balance serenity with wellness; heart and mind with body. Simply put, it is our desire to see every patient leave the center glowing with inner and outer health and armed with the knowledge to heal themselves on a continual basis for the rest of their lives.

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