Anti-Aging Medicine

Lifestyle Education

Anti-aging healthcare recognizes that the only true and lasting improvements in our health are through changing and maintaining lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and the last resort application of toxic medications. An anti-aging health physician should help you to attain what we all want:

  • Energy to do the things we enjoy.
  • Sharp cognitive skills even as we age.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Sleeping well.
  • Strength and flexibility of our muscles and joints.

Age is inevitable, but aging is not. It is not healthy or necessary to get slower, heavier, and weaker as we age. There is good evidence to support that we can achieve and maintain sexual function, immune function, cognitive function, and cardiovascular function for many years without the use of drugs and surgery. All the top causes of death in the United States today are the direct result of poor management and education on lifestyle factors. Poor and inappropriate diet leads to obesity which leads to diabetes then various organ failures then death. Exposure to a toxic environment combined with poor diet and reduced antioxidants leads to cancer. Clearly, the cure for poor lifestyle is the application of the healthy lifestyle.