Pain Management


Massage therapy is a beneficial form of treatment in relieving stress-related symptoms.
This occurs in three ways:

Increased circulation is one of the primary benefits. Chronic tension produces chronically tight muscles. Increased circulatory flow brings more oxygen to help nourish the cells as well as to rid the congested area of metabolic wastes. This process of "normalizing" the natural working mechanisms of the body can help to reduce pain, increase range-of-motion and begin to eliminate those "knots" we associate with tight necks and shoulders.

Relaxation is another effect of massage therapy. During a massage the body releases endorphins, the body's own natural pain killers.

Finally, massage helps us to "reconnect" our mind and body, helping them to function as an efficient balanced and productive unit!


One hour of ultimate relaxation, and stress relief. Using a gentle soothing touch or firm strokes to induce relaxation and increase circulation, heat is incorporated to ease sore and tired muscles.

A one-hour treatment specially tailored to concentrate on the specific needs of the active man/women. Along with sore muscle relief, this treatment will also aid in the removal of lactic acid as well as help restore muscle composition.

Suffering from extreme pain or increase tension? This onehour treatment will give you much need relief by using Trigger Point or advanced soft tissue techniques. Concentrating on your specific needs.

Combining the sense of smell with touch, this relaxing onehour massage will help to balance and restore your energy. This is the perfect massage to help combat jet lag, stress and improve circulation.

This half hour treatment helps re-balance the entire body through reflex points located on our feet. Using steamed towels and pressure to specific areas of the feet that refer to specific organs and body systems.