Occupational Medicine

Work Related Injuries

The Work-Related Injury Management Program offered by The Integrative Medicine Center (IMC) is designed to provide a cost effective means for client companies to treat, track and control work-related injuries/illnesses. Workers' Compensation presents complex challenges for employers. The IMC is committed to helping employers meet these challenges and shares a philosophy of delivering high quality medical care to employees thus returning them to work as soon as is medically appropriate.

When an employee is injured, he/she can be seen at The Integrative Medicine Center. Employees without appointments will be seen at the first available appointment time unless the severity of their injury requires they be "triaged" ahead of other scheduled patients.

The injured worker will be tracked by The Integrative Medicine Center according to the employer's instructions until the employee returns to full duty and/or the case has been resolved. The IMC works closely with physical therapy and physician specialty referral networks to access the best possible support for early and appropriate return to work.